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DEA Detectives

We are a Private Investigation Agency authorized according to the Law 5/2014 on Private Security, created in 1980 and with guidance at a national and international level that understands the diverse business needs, which has led us to successfully confront cases in countries such as the United States. United, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, etc., and throughout the national territory.

To achieve our goal of constantly increasing the satisfaction of our customers we seek to improve day by day, always in the vanguard, always ahead of the competition, this is our pioneering spirit.

The Client can trust our agency because we will be open and honest, we do not promise what we can not fulfill and we will always comply with the agreement in each service.

We are passionate about our profession, this concept conveys our nature, our enthusiasm and drive to do our job better than another professional, this means going beyond the strict obligation and apply the philosophy of a job well done.

All the services we offer are part of our day and we have enough experience to face your case without doubts and with the best possible approach to the extent of the real possibilities.

Our job is to see what others may not see and demonstrate what others only know..


Our services

Company Services

  • Digital research

  • Vigilance

  • Labor reports

  • Legal help

Services for individuals

  • Search of people

  • Surveillance in a family environment

  • Surveillance systems

  • Information theft

Services to professionals

  • Mutual

  • Insurance companies

  • Law firms

Detective agency

We carry out both national and international work


Redes Sociales, Whatsapp, etc…

Suplantación de Identidad

Facebook, cuentas, spoofing, etc…


Electrónicos y en papel.

Informes Periciales

Delitos informáticos y grafología

Patentes y Marcas

Propiedad industrial e intelectual


Calidad y control

Lab. Informática Forense

Análisis y recuperación de datos

Seguridad Informática

Vulnerabilidades y contramedidas

Auditoría Informática

Informe y control